Gender Stereotypes



This advertisement reflects a gender stereotype in that it features women and a product geared towards women. This advertisement is stating that only females have long, luscious hair with extraordinary volume. From the female figure to the purple color of the product this ad is very feminine.

However, there is nothing stating that this product is not for males. Most men use shampoo and conditioner, so why couldn’t they use this product. We live in a society that is ever changing and it is not uncommon to see men with long hair, so this product may be good for them as well. This product has a dominant gender stereotype.


This advertisement does not necessarily reflect a gender stereotype, but reflects more of a class stereotype. This ad is clearly geared for those with expensive tastes and always seeking the best of everything. The car offers a sleek look and shiny appearance that solicits a high class look.

The advertisement offers a slightly masculine appearance with dark colors and strong lines. It also offers a fast look and insinuates speed. These things are more of masculine importance. So you can say looking over the ad at a deeper level it has a slightly masculine tendencies.

This advertisement features a male sports player and a very masculine appearance.  This makes the ad gender stereotyped to the male audience. This ad does not necessarily welcome a female audience as it is strong yet intuitive.

Again, as a male, I tended to migrate to more masculine themed ads. This ad features a male stereotype as it highlights legendary male basketball players. In an ever evolving world, this ad could also feature a female player or two to emphasize that women athletes can also be elevated.

This ad could be gender biased as it appears males are greater than females and are the only ones to be elevated. While it has taken women some time to make their own way in professional sports, their journey should also be celebrated.

At first glance, I was going to say this ad is gender neutral. However, when taking a further look I think this ad is stereotyping women as being easy fun once everyone starts drinking. This advertisement features just one male amongst a group of smiling ladies. I feel this ad like many other alcohol ads are featuring women as sex symbols. While this ad is not overtly sexy, it still stereotypes women in a negative context.